Haii! I'm Ankita Kulkarni 👋🏽

  • ⭐️ A Developer, Teacher, Leader, a Conference Speaker, and recently transitioned to being a Creator

  • 👤 Spent 12+ years in Tech at the intersection of Front-end and Leadership

  • ✏️ Taught 10,000+ students online

  • 🪴 Grown 100+ developers & leaders and led 25+ developer teams at a time

  • 🌎 Worked for IBM, Tim Hortons, Burger King, Popeyes, Borrowell, WealthSimple, Roche, Shoppers Drug Mart, Moleskine and more.

I have worked at,

WealthSimple as a Senior Engineering Manager helping Canadians grow their wealth., a software consultancy where I helped clients build apps from the ground up.

Loblaw Digital - ShoppersDrugMart that has millions of clients and modernized the web app.

IBM - where I enabled clients adopt leading technologies and build MVP apps and scaled to production.

I'm passionate about

teaching developers and leaders and help them grow in their careers and helping businesses architect and scale their apps from MVP to production.

A bit more about me...

I live in Toronto, Canada but I'm originally from Mumbai, India. I love building, architecting and scaling web and mobile apps :)

When I'm not behind the screen,

I love trying wine from different regions 🍷 & making pour over coffee ☕. I have also been playing Trampoline Dodgeball from Jan 2015 which I'm really proud of!

To share my knowledge globally,

I have been giving a lot of conference talks worldwide about front-end.

The talks have been on Next.js, GraphQL, React and React Native, scaling mobile apps, accessibility, Humanizing code reviews and more.

Conferences and Podcasts

If you would like me to give a talk at your conference or be a guest on your podcast, please reach out and we can chat!

Digital Products

I have a course on Next.js Zero to Mastery and Udemy

I've created a FREE 1-week course on helping developers transition into Engineering Leaders and crafting their first 90 days.

Frontend Snacks 🍿

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All this to help you grow as a developer!