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I am an Educator, Senior Engineering Leader, a Developer & Youtuber!

I've built a successful course on Next.js and taught over 10,000+ students and led over 100+ developers and leaders.

I'm a Published Author of the E-book  Engineering Leader's Playbook: First 90 Days.

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    Latest blog posts 💬

    • How to use ChatGPT in 5 ways as an Engineering Manager

      Covers 5 ways to use ChatGPT as an Engineering Manager. I discuss how managers can use ChatGPT to improve their efficiency and delegate tasks to focus on strategic work.

    • Turning Around an Underperformer - A Guide for Engineering Leaders

      Covers ways you can handle managing underperforming employees. To avoid employees underperforming , clarify expectations, provide regular feedback, assess necessary skills and training, assess willingness to change, and align definitions of high performance. Plus get a checklist to download.

    • Manage your Manager, don’t let them manage you

      How you can manage up and take control of your career. This post covers some practical examples of getting your manager to love you and will open up doors for future opportunities and promotions.

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