How to use ChatGPT in 5 ways as an Engineering Manager

Do you think AI will replace us? I doubt it. Here's why,

  • You should use ChatGPT to help you in your daily job, but be careful. If ChatGPT has access to sensitive data and project information, there is always a risk of data leaks and other problems. 😅
  • It will never replace humans as AI cannot empathize with you, it doesn't have stories like humans do, so it needs us humans. 🤝

So try not to copy-paste but make it part of your research for writing docs, helping you think, monotonous tasks etc. In short, use ChatGPT to your advantage.

Here are a few ways I'd suggest using ChatGPT as a Manager,

Transform Your Meetings into Actionable Notes 📝

Prompt: Please summarize this meeting transcript related to the upcoming release and assign tasks based on the actions discussed. Could you create a bulleted list?

We love to take meeting notes. You can use OtterAI to record your meeting and ask ChatGPT to summarize your meeting into actionable notes. This will save you a lot of time.

Automate your Repetitive Tasks 🔁

Prompt: Generate a python slack bot script to automate giving kudos via a slack prompt. I should be able to modify the kudos. Here is an example,

Automated python script prompt

Referring to this, could you write down a list of tasks you repeatedly do and ask ChatGPT to create automation or even a slack bot script to automate your life? This will save you and your team a ton of time!

Delegate the Tactical, Focus on Strategic work 😎

You can delegate the tasks you use for your daily tactical work so you can focus more importantly on Strategic work.

Think of ChatGPT as your virtual assistant. 💖

You need to train them to get to know your tasks, and then they will do it for you.

Create a Compelling Proposal for Getting a 4-day work week approved 👀

Flintstone running away

Prompt: Generate a Compelling Proposal for getting 4 day work week approved by listing why it matters, using research to back it up and a strategy to make it happen. 😁

Based on your documentation on getting started, team documents, job position etc. or the documents you already have. You can also ask to generate a diagram that would help new team members.

Maximizing Your Research and Writing Efficiency ✍️

Prompt: Here is the communication message __, reword it in less than 500 words and add any related research.

You can Communicate Better using ChatGPT. It can communicate better than us, so you can use that to your advantage while researching.

You can find topics you want to research, ask the tool to get results, combine it with your research and write good docs.

Summarize Long Documents 📜

Prompt: Please summarize this meeting document related to bugs that are occurring in production and create actions if needed.

Missed the meeting? Have less time to review a really long document? or you are waiting for the morning coffee needs to kick in ☕️? No problem. Ask ChatGPT to summarize the document for you.

Company-wide or team-wide Messaging 💬

Prompt: Give me an Example of a great product launch message to stakeholders.

If you have a launch coming up and want to message folks company-wide or team-wide about a product launch or share kudos with the entire team, you can ask ChatGPT for ideas on the messaging and decide to craft your own based on that.

Write Acceptance Criteria for your Stories / Tasks ✅

You can ask chatGPT to write AC plus generate edge cases for it. Then, you can ask it to create more stories based on that. This is where the idea came from.

Generate Specific Goals for every team member 🎯

Prompt: Here are the OKRs for this quarter; here are the goals I have, Create goals using the SMART framework and make sure it ladders up to the OKRs.*

  • You can ask your team to write their goals using the SMART framework 😎. They can also use ChatGPT to do that.
  • Next, you can tell ChatGPT to create high-level goals using SMART based on the goals that match to the OKRs of your team.
  • This will help ensure you are always laddering up to your high-level goals.

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How can your team use ChatGPT? 👏

  • To create helpful slack bots to automate your team's life for accountability, task tracking etc.
  • Write test scenarios and snippets that the devs can use.
  • Draw diagrams to connect theory to visuals.
  • Technical Documents: Use them to do research and make it more clear

Summarize your Git Commit Messages using AICommit 🤖

Git AI Commit

You can use tools built on top of ChatGPT such as AICommit which will summarize your commit messages based on your code. It's a very helpful tool.

Lastly, let's ask ChatGPT how else it can help us with.

ChatGPT prompt answer

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