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  • 5 lessons for New Senior Engineering Managers

    Managing managers for the first time? Congratulations! Here are the five things you need to know next.

  • Anti-patterns of an Engineering Manager

    Are you an engineering leader struggling to manage your team effectively? You may be exhibiting some common anti-patterns, such as being too controlling or prioritizing personal relationships over constructive feedback. By recognizing and avoiding these patterns, you can foster a more positive and successful work environment. This blog showcases a breakdown of the different anti-patterns and tips for effective leadership.

  • Don't wait for the title, start leading

    Embarking on the journey to leadership is often met with questions about how to successfully seize opportunities and navigate challenges. To address this, we explore two paths: finding a role within your current company or seeking a new leadership position elsewhere. For now, we focus on thriving within your organization by following key strategies.

  • How to use ChatGPT in 5 ways as an Engineering Manager

    Covers 5 ways to use ChatGPT as an Engineering Manager. I discuss how managers can use ChatGPT to improve their efficiency and delegate tasks to focus on strategic work.

  • Turning Around an Underperformer - A Guide for Engineering Leaders

    Covers ways you can handle managing underperforming employees. To avoid employees underperforming , clarify expectations, provide regular feedback, assess necessary skills and training, assess willingness to change, and align definitions of high performance. Plus get a checklist to download.

  • Manage your Manager, don’t let them manage you

    How you can manage up and take control of your career. This post covers some practical examples of getting your manager to love you and will open up doors for future opportunities and promotions.

  • How to fail as a New Engineering Manager

    These are some of the most common mistakes that new engineering managers that transitioned from individual contributor track make. Learn how to fix them in this blog post.

  • Next.js vs React - Frontend Framework Battle and Differences

    What's the difference between Next.js vs React and addresses frequently asked questions by developers. Which is best frontend framework in 2023?

  • The Art of Humanizing Pull Requests (PR’s)

    This article shows you how to humanize the code review process, how to effectively create a pull request, how to give feedback on pull request and how to respond to feedback.

  • React Server vs Client components in Next.js 13

    This post covers React Server and Client side components in-depth, some best practices, how to create shared components with code samples, differences between them and how it compares to Server side rendering in Next.js.

  • How Engineering leaders can create a culture of Psychological safety

    What Psychological safety is, how Engineering leaders can learn some strategies & best practices in teams and orgs to create psychological safety.

  • Deep dive on SEO with Next.js Head

    In this blog post, I will cover what SEO is, what are some best practices with SEO, provide you with real world SEO code examples in Next.js, screenshots of how your site will look like in a popular search engine like Google and you will take away some SEO tools with you towards the end of this article.

  • Data Fetching Techniques in Next.js with Visuals

    We often tend to visualize things 🔮 and concepts to understand them better. If you want to master Next.js, it provides many techniques to fetch data in a manner that is right for your use case. You need to know how and when to fetch it, that’s all.

  • 6 ways you should show up as a leader during uncertain times

    We have yet again entered an uncertain time. This feels way too familiar for most of us since we experienced something similar when the pandemic hit. But we need to be more resilient this time as winter might be coming. As a lead, I have changed my strategies to show up as a leader for my teams and wanted to share them here.

  • Oh Hello Apollo Client , Goodbye Redux!

    In this blog post, I will cover why your switch to GQL and Apollo Client 3 should make you walk away from Redux. I will also talk about my journey from Redux to Apollo Client.

  • How to get started and debug Lambda functions

    The best way to learn anything is to play with it on a project and build 👷🏼‍♀️ something. As I started learning about Lambda functions, I had this list of questions❓that kept coming to mind. To help you better understand Lambda functions, I’ve converted all of my questions, and their answers into a helpful blog post to get you started.

  • Accessibility 360 — Web and mobile

    As a developer, I’ve noticed ever since starting out that a lot of us are intimidated by building accessible apps. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that way. Accessibility is just like building any other feature — and there needs to be greater awareness around this. If you’ve incorporated accessibility into apps before or want to integrate accessibility for the first time, then this post is for you. I’m going to use both web and mobile as an example.

  • You are NOT a React Native noob

    If you are a React developer and know some basics of native development i.e. iOS or Android then you will pick up React Native easily i.e. not a noob. Although, it is not 1 - 1 relational. When I initially learned React Native, I forgot how my native development skills will be easily transferable.